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„KUNSTVERMITTLUNG“, My assistance or service could be beneficial in the following areas

  • Media and public relations
  • Collection management or
  • academic activities

My main competence is in the field of contemporary art:

  • Sculptures, paintings and photography

Agreements can be made only after closer consultations

Dr. Franziska Puhan-Schulz KUNSTVERMITTLUNG is since 1998 active in Frankfurt. Tasks were in the Metropolregion Frankfurt/Rhine-Main with excursions and research-stays in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Kassel, Düsseldorf and cultural Cities in Europe and abroad


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Conveying knowledge regarding certain topics

Photo 2 Conveying knowledge regarding certain topics

Press Relations entails being a goal-oriented service for the customer via radio, television and print media. Other services include book reviews and exhibition reviews in journals

Photo 3 Obtain survey

Assisting companies, private collectors, galleries and municipal/governmental institutions

Exclusive support for inherited collections will professionally be reviewed. Support for new set-up collectionsor company collections

Photo 4 f.e. to see something in a way it really is

Teaching at the university may include; educational journeys and excursions, as well as organizing conferences, moderation, lectures about: Museums; Art and Architecture in an urban area and the cultural implication